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Best Friends Christmas Gift Box


What would we do without our Friends? Christmas is the best time of year to let your Best Friends know just how important they are to you.

We offer special pricing on 5 or more of the Best Friend Christmas Gift Boxes for those wanting to celebrate their friend groups (how fun to have matching bracelets and talk about today’s advice on the Positivity chart!).

The Best Friend’s Gift Box includes:
1 Picture Frame – Personalise your gift by sending us a picture, and we will frame it for you.
1 Ornament: “Best friends are like diamonds bright.Precious and hard to find.”
1 Positivity Flip Chart
1 Rainbow Enamel Ball Chain layered Bracelet in Gold by Lisa Angel.
Sosu – Suzanne Jackson Boy Bye Mini lipstick and lip liner

You can choose from one of our premium personalised keepsake Ivory gift boxes or from our beautiful yet simple Kraft gift boxes.


~~If you would like to design your own custom gift box please press here ~~


This unique touch will warm hearts this Christmas and every Christmas to follow.


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