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Rose Quartz Facial Roller


This beautiful gemstone roller is used as a gentle way to massage tension and relieve stress from our facial area, help in reducing fine lines, assist with better circulation, and help massage in facial products or essential oils.

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Rose Quartz Facial Rollers have a long list of beauty benefits! They are a must have for all beauty gurus!

– Known as the ‘love stone’, rose quartz signifies channels love and positivity, and has been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians to fight signs of aging

– This crystal has the ability to retain temperature effectively, so it stays cold as you’re using it – this cooling benefit will soothe inflammation and redness

– Contains minerals like magnesium, iron, and oxygen, which help to remove dead skin cells, promote healing, and reduce inflammation

– Known to reduce tension and relax facial expressions, softening the appearance of fine lines

– Best used at night, to calm skin before sleep and improve product absorption

– Solid and weighty, rose quartz is a relatively heavy stone

– Best for soothing


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